If you have any questions about the Better Bus Stops Program and the application due on Friday, January 8 at 5 p.m., please feel free to contact Monica Bryand at monica@nexuscp.org or 651-246-5522.

In addition, at the three previous information sessions we captured all the great questions generated by the participants and now have answers to them.

Better Bus Stops Program: Community Engagement Funding Opportunity. 
Applications due Friday, January 8th, 2016 at 5 p.m. 

The Community Engagement Team, in partnership with Metro Transit, is pleased to announce available resources to support grassroots engagement and public outreach for the Better Bus Stop Program.

What is the Better Bus Stops Program? In October 2014, Metro Transit received a Federal Transit Administration Ladders of Opportunity grant for bus stop enhancements that improve access to employment, education, and other opportunities for communities of color and low-wealth communities. The Ladders of Opportunity grant is combined with other funding sources and bus stop improvement commitments made to advance regional transit equity through new investment in bus stops. This combined program of work is called the Better Bus Stops Program.

This is a new opportunity for Community Engagement for locally-based community organizations.

The Better Bus Stops outreach and engagement work is being opened up to community-based organizations through a competitive contracting process. Community-based organizations will be contracted to support effective place-based initiatives that engage and involve underrepresented communities (low-wealth, people of color, new immigrants, people with disabilities, or other cultural constituencies) in participation, decision-making, and leadership roles around regional transit equity issues at the bus stop level. The program will focus on engagement of constituency members who use transit themselves. 

The outreach and engagement work of community-based organizations does not replace Metro Transit's existing public engagement efforts, but is intended to occur alongside more traditional tactics and support the development of increased community capacity to participate on regional transit equity issues.

The Better Bus Stops Program will:

  • Add up to 150 new shelter locations, and enhance as many as 75 existing shelters
  • Improve transit information within these shelters and at other bus stops.
  • Support the work of community-based organizations to explore preferred shelter locations, the need for better lighting, maintenance and in some cases heated shelters
  • Support engagement focusing on regional transit equity and questions about future allocation of resources.

Here are the application materials for this funding opportunity:
Better Bus stops guidelines and application (updated).

Before calling or emailing with questions, it is important to read through all the information being provided above.

Information sessions are being offered to provide in person information about the Better Bus Stops Program and allow you to ask any additional questions you may have before applying. We anticipate that this will be a very competitive process so it’s important to make sure you 1) qualify and 2) know what is required.  

Proposals are due Friday, January 8th at 5:00 p.m. to Monica Bryand at monica@nexuscp.org; proposals must be received by the 5 p.m. deadline - there will be no exceptions or extensions.

The CET team includes Nexus Community Partners, the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability and the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs. Monica Bryand, formerly of Headwaters Foundation for Justice, will be providing leadership to this special project of Better Bus Stops Program.

Please direct all inquiries and questions to:
Monica Bryand


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