Looking for Dancers for "Voices of Peace"

Commemoration Performance of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII, organized by the Chinese American community in Minnesota, directed by Ms. Shen Pei

Length: 2 hours performances with various 5-10 min dances

Date: Performance on evening of Oct. 24 in St. Paul

Rehearsal Time: various - pending on your casting into different dances
* 1st Dance: Mothers in China  
 中国妈妈 will start on Sunday next week from 6/28 9:30-12:30 at CAAM CDT”s studio neat St Paul Snelling ave,  the address is 800 Transfer Rd #8, St Pual, MN 55114

Performers will NOT need to pay for training and rehearsal sessions, but required to participate at the Performances and Community Outreach experience.

Qualification: age 14 or older,  no dance training required

Rehearsal Place: CAAM CDT studio (800 Transfer Road, St. Paul, MN55114, Suite #8)

Rehearsal time commitment: 2 hours/per week minimum, June 27 – October 24

Contact: zhiqunz@gmail.com and Wei HaiHua  <haihua.wei@gmail.com>