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Friends of Youth,

Do you cringe when you hear “school closed” because you know homeless youth and families have to leave the shelter for the day at 8:00a.m.—no warmth, safety, food, and learning to take place that day?

MNIC’s doors stay open all the time, because MNIC is more than a school—MNIC is a resource.

We stay open when the cold and snow are closing doors around the city so our students (and all youth) have a warm, safe place to come with a couple meals. And all youth are welcome, you do not have to be a MNIC student (have student bring their school ID).

Spread the word.

MNIC has 4 locations:
MNIC Unity—2507 Fremont Avenue North, Minneapolis
MNIC Downtown—511 Groveland Avenue, Minneapolis
MNIC Sabathani—310 East 38th Street, Minneapolis
MNIC St. Paul—1821 University Avenue, #271 Griffs Midway, St. Paul

MNIC has a strong history of OPENING DOORS:

We open the door to the future by giving our students competitive jobs and career training (our student’s total earnings last year was more than $1,000,000)
We open the door to post-secondary opportunities and college
We open doors to free resources, food, supplies, the things our students need, in our food shelf and free store
We open doors to safety, connection & freedom by giving our students their own iPhone and completely free driver’s education (in class and behind the wheel)
Our counselors and social workers doors are always open helping students find housing, support, jobs, whatever they need to succeed

MNIC IS more than a school—it’s a place committed to helping youth stay in school and graduate, no barriers, no closed doors—whatever it takes.

Contact us to learn more about enrolling a student or what MNIC has to offer: and 612-584-0170.

Kevin Byrne Reggie Womack



Kevin Byrne, Executive Director/Founder
Minnesota Internship Center Charter Schools and Services
Public Charter School District # 4102
2507 Fremont Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55411

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612.414.4458   mobile
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