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Organics recycling goes citywide this spring

Residents need to sign up by Feb. 1 to get a cart in the spring rollout


Jan. 6, 2016 (MINNEAPOLIS) The City of Minneapolis’ organics recycling program is about to go citywide. Right now, the City collects food scraps, coffee grounds, meat trimmings, eggshells and many other items from about 12,000 residences for composting. Starting this spring, the rest of the city will be able to recycle organics too. Residents living in the second phase areas of this program will need to sign up by Feb. 1 to get their recycling carts during the spring rollout.

The City already has more than 19,000 organics carts to deliver for the next phase of organics recycling and will put together a residential delivery list this winter. To get on that list, residents must sign up by Feb. 1. Those who sign up after that date will get their carts in the summer. (Residents in the first phase rollout area who aren’t already in the organics recycling program can sign up now to receive a cart within a couple weeks.)

About 34,000 households have signed up to participate in the organics recycling program. To be part of the program, call 612-673-2917 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, or email There is no additional cost to participate.

Organics recycling includes:

  • All food scraps including fruits, vegetables, bones, meat, breads, pasta, nut shells, eggshells and dairy products.
  • Non-recyclable and food-soiled paper products including paper towels, napkins, facial tissues, waxed paper, egg cartons and pizza boxes.
  • Certified compostable paper cups, plates, bowls, utensils, bags and takeout containers.
  • Other compostable items including coffee grounds; tea bags; wood chopsticks, Popsicle sticks and toothpicks; hair; and houseplant trimmings.

Do not include: yard waste, pet waste litter or bedding, milk cartons, ice cream tubs, Chinese food containers, dryer lint, dryer sheets, diapers and sanitary products, cleaning and baby wipes, grease, oil, Styrofoam, foil-lined products, non-certified compostable bags and food service items, or products labeled “biodegradable.”

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Video: find out how you can participate in organics recycling

Minneapolis organics recycling
The City is collecting organics for recycling. Find out how you can participate.

Reciclaje de Desechos Orgánicos en Minneapolis (Minneapolis organics recycling, Spanish)
La Ciudad está recolectando desechos orgánicos para reciclarlos. Infórmate como puedes participar.

Dib u warshadaynta Qashinka Dabiiciga ah (Minneapolis organics recycling, Somali) 
Magaaladu waxay uruurinaysaa haraaga Qashinka dabiiciga ah si loo warshadeeyo. Ogoow sida aad uga qaybqaadan kartid.

Nroog Minneapolis nyoj khoom tsis siv (Minneapolis organics recycling, Hmong) 
Lub nroog Minneapolis tabtom sau cov khoom organics coj mus nyoj. Mus xyua saib koj yuav koomtes tau li ca.

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