First phase residents: sign up for organics recycling by July 10 to get your new cart in August


Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling customers who live in the first-phase rollout areas can still sign up by July 10 to get green carts during the August rollout. (For future deliveries, people can sign up any time.)

Why should you participate in the program? Here are five good reasons:

  1. You’ll reduce waste. More than a third of our trash is organic material that can be composted. Most families can divert up to 10 pounds of materials to organics recycling each week.
  2. You’ll help create more compost. Things like meat, bones, dairy products and compostable plastics can’t go in a backyard composting bin, but they can be collected through organics recycling and turned into compost.
  3. You can save money. Once you start producing less trash, you may be able to switch to a smaller garbage cart, which will cut $3 off your monthly bill.
  4. You’ll be a part of the sustainability trend. More than 29,500 households have already signed up to participate.
  5. You can help improve soil quality. Using compost returns nutrients to the soil, reduces erosion, and reduces the needs for watering and for chemical fertilizers.

Learn more about organics recycling at


If you’re a Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling customer, you can request a cart by emailing – make sure to include your address – or call 612-673-2917.