Improving Breast Cancer Survivors’ Disease Management Outcomes through Smartphone Apps and Online Health Community

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a free, commercially available smartphone app called MapMyFitness with the capability to upload physical activity statistics to Facebook, in improving health outcomes (e.g., physical activity, quality of life) among breast cancer survivors.

Participation in regular physical activity is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that regular participation in physical activity among breast cancer survivors is not only able to improve health outcomes, but can also go a long way to improve breast cancer survivors’ quality of life. As we live in an age of technology, smartphone applications (a.k.a., apps) might be one novel manner by which to help breast cancer survivors increase physical activity as well as improve health outcomes and quality of life. Yet, the effectiveness of smartphone apps as a tool for improving health outcomes among breast cancer survivor, not to mention minorities, is largely unstudied.

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