Foundations of Traditional Healing; A Healer in Every Home: April 18 thru December 19, 2015 curriculum includes:

  1. Coursera, a free online curriculum from the UNM with several Traditional Healers as instructors, including Rita and Tonita
  2. Regular workshops, experiences, teachings, support, mentoring with Selma Sroka and Kim Hart here in MN, which will include teachers from our local indigenous people as well. Workshop offerings in the community may include, for example: Birth to death topics, teaching self-care, blessing of the land, focused system topics e.g. on digestive system, respiratory system, lymphatic system, etc., and how to treat spiritual illness. This community will be ready for deeper experiences; the format will be half day and daylong workshops. Intention is to both engage the elderly as well as the younger members of the community.
  3. Curanderisma: Traditional healing Without Boundaries - a group of students will be identified that have a serious commitment to learning the medicine and will be encouraged and supported to attend the course July 13 - 14 at UNM in Albuquerque, NM with 30 -40 curanderas from the SW and Mesoamerica, including Rita Navarrete and Tonita Gonzales.


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