We are reaching out to you because you’ve been identified as someone who would bring a lot to the upcoming discussions we are hosting.
See below for details on the two conversations. Please indicate which you will be attending when you RSVP. 
They are unique enough in their focus that it would be worth your while to attend both if you have the time in your schedule.
August 13th deals with using integrative health practices for trauma and August 18th focuses on impacting how healthcare providers engage with people.
We also highly encourage you to reach out to the diverse folks in your networks who would also bring important perspectives and are not often invited to the table! We prioritize having those communities well represented in our convenings!
The first is in collaboration with the Catalyst Initiative of the George Family Foundation on  Thursday, August 13, 2015 from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. for a feast and unConference where we will explore  Healing from Trauma 2.0: : Integrative Tools and Techniques to Repair the Mind, Body & Spirit . 
The Catalyst Initiative will be convening in the model of Intentional Social Interaction (“ISI”) pioneered by Marnita’s Table. We will be expanding the conversation begun on March 11, 2015 at our first Healing from Trauma. This conversation features new content, learning and demonstrations of integrative healing tools and techniques that you can immediately incorporate into your practice and life. You will not only have a chance to have an in-depth conversation on healing from trauma; there will be practical demonstrations and how-tos to enhance your learning experience. 
The second is  Silos to Circles, a cross-continuum health coalition, on  Tuesday, August 18th from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. for a feast and unConference where we will explore: Catalyzing Community Capacity For Health and Wellbeing. During our time together, we will explore how to promote person-directed health and wellbeing within the context of chronic disease and behavioral health. 
This event is being held by community allies: Catalyst Initiative of the George Family Foundation, Marnita’s Table, Citizens League and Silos to Circles. You may receive more than one invitation given the collective reach of these organizations.
Both ISIs are at the same place-
St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church
3450 Irving Avenue South in Uptown
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Day-of phone number 612.578.7744  
What to Expect:
Expect to be enlivened, engaged and to explore methods for using integrative healing from trauma, capitalize on existing energy, make new connections and build momentum as we share an abundant feast. If you are receiving this invitation you have been identified as someone who will add and receive extraordinary value through your participation in this critical “unConference.” We are specifically seeking a vibrant cross-cultural mixing of individuals for this engaged and supportive conversation. If you know someone who will add and receive extraordinary value through their participation feel free to reach out to someone across race, class, culture or age and invite them to join you!
Please dress comfortably and informally. 
A complete lunch is served with abundance to allay any dietary concern from vegan to halal to carnivore using Marnita's Table model ( www.marnitastable.org) of a resource abundant environment where all can eat their fill! You are the guest and there is no charge to participate.
Space is limited and demand is high. We will try to accommodate as many participants as possible, so please let us know if you plan to be with us by  sending an RSVP via e-mail to  sammie@marnitastable.org  and indicate whether you would like to attend both or specify which date you plan to join us. 
We look forward to welcoming you for these community conversations.  
All the best! 
About the Catalyst Initiative of the George Family Foundation:
Catalyst is a new initiative of the George Family Foundation designed to build integrative health and healing in Minnesota for a healthier population. Catalyst will provide training and technical assistance, host convenings, connect for impact, and provide small, short-term seed grants to reach our goal of a healthier Minnesota.
Our Mission: to make Minnesota the healthiest state by improving overall health and wellbeing through proactive means, by empowering people and communities to incorporate meaningful lifestyle changes for maximum wellbeing, and promote widespread access to integrative healing modalities.
Our Vision: To transform the consciousness of Minnesotans about their health and wellbeing to a) enable self-care to become true primary care; b) lead to an understanding of the connectedness of mind, body, and spirit and the immense self-healing capacity of human beings; and c) build acceptance that the best medicine combines proven medical treatments with a full range of healing modalities.
About Marnita’s Table: 
Marnita's Table seeks to measurably increase social capital across race, class, culture, gender and other means of self-identity in order to catalyze transformational change where racial and cultural differences are not viewed as deficits or merely tolerated, but instead viewed as assets. Experts at social capital building, in the past ten years we've welcomed over 22,000 people from around the world and the around the way to find common ground on major public policy issues while breaking bread.
Sammie Ardito Rivera
Administrative Coordinator
Marnita's Table
2136 Penn Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55405
612.928.7744 office