Celebrate the green way this 4th of July

With a little planning, it’s easy to make your Fourth of July celebrations red, white, blue and GREEN. Hennepin County will be sharing the following tips for making Independence Day and any celebration more environmentally friendly on Facebook and Twitter. Spread the world by sharing these tips on your own social media pages and other communications channels.

  • Provide your 4th of July guests with recycling containers or ask your host for one. Print recycling labels for free at www.hennepin.us/eventrecycling.
  • Use your own dishware instead of disposable paper or plastic plates and silverware. Although you may spend a few extra minutes at the sink, the extra effort goes a long way in reducing waste!
  • Grocery shopping for the 4th? Shop local by finding a farmers market near you using the Hennepin County Farmer’s Market and Community Garden map. Remember to bring your own reusable shopping bag.
  • Provide reusable food containers for guests to bring leftovers home, or encourage your guests to bring their own. You’ll have less to clean up and avoid food waste!  
  • Look for MPCA air quality updates and avoid having a bonfire during poor air quality days.  
  • Traveling around town for the 4th? Bike or use public transportation instead of driving if possible.  
  • Buy 4th of July decorations that can be reused every year instead of decorations that can only be used once.